As the weather is getting colder and the days shorter it can be a challenge to hold motivation within the students. The best way to get everyone back in to action is by filling their body with fitness endorphins… sport! We know it can be tiering and repetitive doing it yourself, therefore we have given you the five best fitness workshops.


Fitness Sessions 


This company gives children an hour body workout while educating them about keeping healthy. We feel as though it is very important to keep reinforcing the message on keeping healthy as it promotes a decline in child obesity.

One amazing aspect of this workshop is their workshops range from nursery all the way to year6! . Up to 60 children allowed per class.In the session’s children will take part in a number of circuits which will strengthen, jumping, balance, fitness, flexibility and coordination in a fun but in a controlled environment.


Freestyle Fitness Workshop


It is inevitable that once in your life you’ve seen freestyle football and more than likely been very impressed! Freestyle football workshops are a great way to get working the body and mind. These workshops are run by a professional football freestyler called Jamie Knight (ranked 10th in the world for football freestyle). The workshop is for any children from reception to take part. The sessions can be ‘masterclass’, assemblies or a mix of both. Overall, this workshop is by far the best one. All ages are able to involved, it’s a super cool trick to show off in the future.


Dance Days

Making sure your students are culture aware is one of the most important parts of education. Dance days incorporates international and corporate dancing for students age 4 up to 11. This dance school have incorporated the school curriculum, fun and sport in to one. Most commonly, they dance in celebration of Black History Month, Chinese New Year, and Diwali. Dancing is proven to make people feel good, enlightened and let the creativity flow. Dance days is especially good with younger (infant) students, who have a little too much energy to sit and listen all day, they can dance while getting vital education.


Traditional Maypole Dancing 

The Maypole dance is a May Day celebration across the historical Pagan footprint. In the workshop children can explore folk traditions and learn to work together to weave patterns to celebrate the return of summer. The professional dancer (who will visit your school) encourages every child to take part and have a role in the dances. They provide a full set-up with pole and ribbons. After a day of dancing, finish with a big presentation at the end.