We’ve tried to find not only interesting but age suitable workshops for different years. Year 3 to Year 6 is the years where you really see the children grow and become more mature and independent. As we believe, these are the years that don’t get the recognition they truly deserve.


Year 3

Indoor Workshops

https://bookschoolworkshops.com/workshop/category-drumming/childrens-musical-adventures/ Children’s Musical Adventures – Music Workshops.
Percussion instrument workshop can activate the inner musician of the year 3s. Learning all about how to use different instruments is a great life skill for the students. Likewise, it is a life-changing experience for some students and they end up becoming the next Teddy Brown. A creative and calm subject like music thrived historically and always will.

Outdoor Workshops

– https://bookschoolworkshops.com/workshop/category-academy-celebrations/roald-dahls-the-twits/ .Roald Dahl’s “The Twits” is brought to life by John Kirk. A professional storyteller working in Primary Schools, Libraries and at literature events across Britain. Roald Dhal is an icon and known around the whole of Britain. To be able to take his work outdoors is an amazing opportunity that we think every child should be able to have.


Year 4

Indoor Workshops

Year 4s are the perfect age where they start to understand their bodies and can control themselves. What better way than through the drama of fighting. Students shall teach a range of basic techniques. From previous experiences, it’s one thing i have always remembered and kept as a skill. Such as; portraying stage violence effectively with correct actions and reactions. The new skills can then incorporated into drama shows shown at the end of the year. The only thing is: remember and watch out for the children getting a bit too carried away…

Outdoor Workshops

– Mother Nature Science Workshop day (https://bookschoolworkshops.com/workshop/category-early-years/mother-nature-science-workshop-day/) Chemistry, biology and physics focus on teaching through outdoor learning. The super fun science workshops are equivalent to an out of school long adventure. After 10 years they pride themselves on being the safest, most reliable and best value for money provider (you would hope so, right). By year 4 students are becoming a lot more aware of what is happening around them and learning the scientific way will get them a great head start for what’s coming up later in life for them.


Year 5

Indoors Workshops

– Irie Steelpan Workshops (https://bookschoolworkshops.com/workshop/category-group-african/irie-steelpan-workshops/) The steel pan workshops give the children an opportunity to experience live music, have a go, dance, learn about the history and how the steel pans are made and played. Year 5 is just before they start to get embarrassed. Hold on to that and bring in the steel pans. The students can express themselves when playing and when dancing.

Outdoors Workshops

– freestyle football workshops (https://bookschoolworkshops.com/workshop/category-healthy-schools/freestyle-football-workshops/) Freestyle football lets the year 5s develop football skills and get that fresh air they need. It’s 2019 and we’re all about feminism. Another great way is to start to introduce it through football (a sport popular for being among men). It introduces a (maybe) new sport and accentuates existing skills.

Year 6

We think year 6 is the most vital year as they have had their first big bit of stress doing SATS, therefore we have dedicated a whole blog of how to celebrate with your year 6s after they have finished theirs.


But if in doubt a great outdoor place, to suit any age and ability is the Eden Project.